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Papers and Presentations

# Authors Title / Full Paper Presentation
1 Nan-Tzer Hu Damage and Restoration of Drinking Water Systems Caused by 0206 Tainan Earthquake and Future Mitigation Measures [PDF]
2 Masakatsu Miyajima Lessons Learned from Damage to Drinking Water Supply System in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake in Japan [PDF]
3 Craig A. Davis Developing a Seismic Resilient Pipe Network Using Performance Based Seismic Design Procedures [PDF]

Keita Oda,
Shozo Kishi,
Masakatsu Miyazima,
Chalermpat Pariya-Ekkasut,
Brad Parker Wham and Thomas Denis O'Rourke

Verification of Design Method of Pipeline Crossing Fault with Earthquake Resistant Ductile Iron Pipe using Large-scale Split-box Test [PDF]
5 Sheng-Shin Chu,
Chin-Ling Huang and
Kai-Ping Chang
Design Strategies of Transmission Trunks across Normal Fault-- A Case Study of Shanchiao Fault [PDF]
6 Nobuhiro Hasegawa,
Hayato Nakazono,
Brad P. Wham and
Thomas D. O'Rourke
Performance Test of Steel Pipe for Crossing Fault in United States [PDF]
7 Serge Terentieff,
Denise Cicala,
Xavier Irias and
Raffi Moughamian
Mitigating Risk to Underwater Crossings to Improve Water Supply Reliability: Two Case Studies [PDF]
8 Hiromasa Ishizeki and
Masakatsu Miyajima
Verification and Evaluation Method for the Seismic Performance of Potable Water Mains Lined with Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP) [PDF]
9 Jerry J. Chen and
Y.C. Chou
The Preliminary Study of the Impact of Liquefaction on Water Pipes [PDF]
10 Akinori Sakata,
Masahiro Wada,
Tsutomu Mitsuishi and
Nagahisa Hirayama
Developing Business Continuity Management in Kobe City Waterworks Bureau [PDF]
11 Anna T. Lau,
Jose L. Rios and
Xavier J. Irias
Cross-sector Infrastructure Planning for Water Purveyors and Critical Care Facilities [PDF]
12 David Goldbloom-Helzner and
Craig A. Davis
U.S. Approach to Share Seismic Awareness, Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Practices with a Larger Universe of Water and Wastewater Utilities [PDF]
13 Takuya Nakagawa,
Yuki Watanabe,
Keisuke Sawada,
Wataru Hosoda,
Yoshiaki Konno and
Kunihiko Onuma
Disaster-resistant Waterworks Model, Connecting all to the Water of Life' and the Countermeasures Against Natural Disasters Examples Sharing the Specific Measures of Cooperation with Major Cities and Mutual Help to Community Groups [PDF]
14 Kazuki Masaki and
Hiroshi Hatsumi
Validation Accompanying the Introduction of a New Form of Energy (Fuel Cell System) [PDF]
15 Yogesh Prashar,
Andrea Chen,
Roberts McMullin and
Xavier Irias
Main Shock and After Shock Impact to Water System Seismic Fragility of Embankment Dams, Tank Reservoirs, and Large Diameter Pipelines [PDF]
16 Yuko Tsuruda,
Yuichi Ishikawa,
Fumio Sasaki and
Masakatsu Miyajima
Review of an Equation to Estimate Seismic Damage to Water Mains in Light of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake [PDF]
17 Wei-Hsiang Lee,
Kuan-Hua Lien,
Po-Ming Cheng and
Chii-Jang Yeh
Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Water Pipe Bridges in Taipei [PDF]
18 Taichiro Inui,
Mitsuyasu Tamase and
Masakatsu Miyajima
Damage Analysis of Air Valves of Drinking Water Pipeline in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake [PDF]
19 Chen-Hsiang Lu,
Ching-Yang Huang,
Ing-Sen Yuan and
Chuan-Chiang Fan
Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Distribution Reservoirs in Taipei City [PDF]
20 Joy Eldredge Napa Water System Earthquake Response: Like Fine Wine, the Right Blend of Self-help and Mutual Aid [PDF]
21 Chun-Cheng Chen and
Tin-Lai Lee
Application of Road Excavation Management System for Seismic Disaster Preparedness [PDF]
22 Yosuke Uno,
Hiroto Sano
and Haruko Kakita
Concept of Waterworks in Disaster Relief based on the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake [PDF]
23 Chin-Hsun Yeh,
Gee-Yu Liu and
Hsiang-Yuan Hung
Seismic Scenario Simulation of Water Supply Systems [PDF]
24 Michael Saling An Investigation of the Seismic Performance of Portland Water Bureau's Water System in an M 9.0 Earthquake [PDF]
25 Kazunori Iwamoto,
Fujio Nagasawa and
Hiroyuki Maeda
Formation of Information Transfer Methods for Envisaged Disasters [PDF]
26 Bing-Ru Wu and
Siao-Syun Ke
Application of a Mesh-based Earthquake Impact Assessment Tool for Water Supply System on Policy Support [PDF]
27 Akihisa Ishida,
Kimiyasu Ohtake,
Mikita Amano and
Keisuke Baba
Study Report of Priority Evaluation of Earthquake Resistance on Water Supply Facilities Focused on the Restoration Process of Water Supply [PDF]
28 Keita Katae and
Haruka Utada
The Prioritized Pipeline Maps for Emergency Restoration [PDF]
29 Minoru Sakaguchi Emergency Activity during a Disaster by the Public–Private Cooperation in Nagoya City [PDF]
30 Lap-Loi Chung,
Chin-Hsun Yeh,
Lee-Hui Huang and
Kuo-Liang Wang
Seismic Preparedness and Emergency Response of Water Systems —Visions and Experiences [PDF]
31 Wataru Kiga Crisis Management by Waterworks Emergency Service Unit ; Quick Response and Prompt Securement of Water Supply in the Event of Disasters [PDF]
32 Takuya Kudo and
Yoshihito Higuchi
The Effectiveness of the Dispatch of Support Staff to Small Waterworks [PDF]
33 Charles Scawthorn,
David Myerson,
Douglas York and
Eugene Ling
Determining Water Distribution System Pipe Replacement Given Random Defects – Case Study of San Francisco's Auxiliary Water Supply System [PDF]
34 Gee-Yu Liu,
Chin-Hsun Yeh and
Lee-Hui Huang
Seismic Screening of Large Water Pipelines for TWC's Seismic Improvement Program [PDF]
35 Gordon Johnson and
Ricardo R. Hernandez
Mitigation of Potential Impacts of Seismic Events on a Regional Water Distribution System [PDF]
36 Tsung-Jen Chiu,
Feng-Ming Lu,
Sheng-I Tseng,
Glaus Ou and
Gee-Yu Liu
TWC's Thoughts on Implementing Seismic Improvement to LargeWater Pipelines [PDF]
37 William F. Heubach Water System Pipeline Damage Seattle Public Utilities Case Study [PDF]
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