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Presentation Venue: Room 102
Poster and Exhibition Hall: Room 101CD

Day 1

Day 1 (Monday, Aug. 15th, 2016)
08:00~09:00 Registration
09:00~09:30 Opening Ceremony (Presentation Venue)
09:30~10:10 Presentation Session I
(Chair: Kuo-Liang Wen)
Kojiro Irikura Methodology of simulating ground motions from crustal earthquake and mega-thrust subduction earthquakes: application to the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake (crustal) and the 2011 Tohoku earthquake (mega-thrust)
10:10~10:40 Coffee Break (Poster Session)
10:40~11:20 Presentation Session II
(Chair: Hiroshi Kawase)
Pierre-Yves Bard Using ambient vibration measurements for risk assessment at an urban scale : from numerical proof of concept to a case study in Beirut (Lebanon)
11:20~12:00 Jonathan Stewart Non-ergodic site response in seismic hazard analysis
12:00~13:30 Lunch Break (Poster Session)
13:30~13:50 Presentation Session III
(Chair: Shin Aoi, Shiann-Jong Lee)
Tomotaka Iwata Long-period ground motion characteristics and simulations in the osaka basin during the 2011 great Tohoku earthquake
13:50~14:10 Ruizhi Wen Directivity effect in the empirical Green’s function method for ground-motion simulation
14:10~14:30 Li Zhao Quantification of topography effect on seismic ground motion: a case study in northern Taiwan
14:30~14:50 Takuto Maeda Two-dimensional wavefield reconstruction: tsunami data assimilation and seismic gradiometry
14:50~15:40 Coffee Break (Poster Session)
15:40~16:00 Presentation Session IV
(Chair: On-Lei Annie Kwok, Saburoh Midorikawa)
Saburoh Midorikawa Site effects on strong motion records of the 2011 Tohoku, Japan earthquake
16:00~16:20 Yadab Dhakal Analysis of S-wave H/V spectral ratios at the ocean bottom strong motion sites for soil nonlinearity
16:20~16:40 Jin-Hung Hwang Soil liquefaction issues in Meinong earthquake
16:40~18:00 Poster Session
18:00~20:00 Reception (TICC 4F-VIP Room)

Day 2

Day 2 (Tuesday, Aug. 16th, 2016)
09:00~09:40 Presentation Session V
(Chair: Huey-Chu Huang)
Hiroshi Kawase Studies on the deep basin site effects based on the observed strong ground motions and microtremors
09:40~10:00 Kuo-Liang Wen Construction of the shallow shear-wave velocity model in Taiwan
10:00~11:00 Coffee Break (Poster Session)
11:00~11:20 Presentation Session VI
(Chair: Pierre-Yves Bard)
Shigeki Senna Modeling of the subsurface structure from the seismic bedrock to the ground surface for a broadband strong motion evaluation in the Kanto area, Japan
11:20~12:00 Kazuyoshi Kudo Advantages of borehole array data for better understanding of strong ground motion in sedimentary basins
12:00~13:30 Lunch Break (Poster Change) and ESG Joint Working Group Meeting
13:30~14:10 Presentation Session VII
(Chair: Ralph Archuleta)
Francisco Sánchez-Sesma Modeling and inversion of the microtremor H/V spectral ratio: physical basis behind the diffuse-field approach
14:10~14:30 Donat Fäh Assessment of the complex seismic response of geological structures
14:30~14:50 Huey-Chu Huang Estimation of shallow S-wave velocity structures using microtremor array measurements and their applications
14:50~15:30 Coffee Break (Poster Session)
15:30~15:50 Presentation Session VIII
(Chair: Francisco Sánchez-Sesma)
Jamison Steidl Downhole array monitoring in the United States
15:50~16:10 Nai-Chi Hsiao The CWB downhole seismic array and its application for earthquake observation in Taiwan
16:10~16:30 Ralph Archuleta Scaling laws for strong ground motion parameters and their uncertainty for earthquakes with M3.3-7.7
16:30~18:00 Poster Session
18:00~20:00 Conference Banquet (TICC 4F-VIP Room)

Day 3

Day 3 (Wednesday, Aug. 17th, 2016)
09:00~09:20 Presentation Session IX
(Chair: Chiun-Lin Wu)
Kuo-Chun Chang Introduction of NCREE south laboratory
09:20~10:00 Brian Chiou Hanging-wall and directivity effects on the near-fault ground motion
10:00~11:00 Coffee Break (Poster Session)
11:00~11:20 Presentation Session X
(Chair: Bor-Shouh Huang)
Mayssa Dabaghi Simulation of near-fault ground motions for specified earthquake source and site characteristics
11:20~11:40 Shin Aoi The 2016 Kumamoto earthquake sequence: strong motion and source processes
11:40~12:00 Kuo-Fong Ma Killer pulses observed in 20160206 Meinong, ML 6.6, Taiwan, earthquake
12:00~13:30 Lunch Break (Poster Session)
13:30~14:10 Presentation Session XI
(Chair: Brian Chiou)
Chin-Hsiung Loh Selection of ground-motion prediction equations for probabilistic seismic hazard analysis: case study of Taiwan
14:10~14:30 Marco Pagani Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis: issues and challenges from the GEM perspective
14:30~15:20 Coffee Break (Poster Session)
15:20~15:40 Presentation Session XII
(Chair: Kuo-Fong Ma)
Hiroyuki Fujiwara Improved seismic hazard assessment for Japan after the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake
15:40~16:00 Chin-Hsun Yeh Progress report on seismic loss estimations in Taiwan
16:00~16:40 Beer Break (Poster & Exhibition Hall)
16:40~17:00 Closing Ceremony (Poster & Exhibition Hall)