To make a reservation to a room with the special rates for ChiChi20, see instruction in each reservation form.

NO. Hotel Name (ZH) Hotel Name (ENG) Website Reservation Form Special Rates Phone Number
1 福華文教 Howard Civil Service International House [Click] [Download] 1,950 NTD +886-2-7712-2323
2 捷絲旅臺大尊賢館 Just Sleep @ NTU [Click] [English] [中文版] 2,900 NTD +886-2-7735-5000
3 柯達大飯店台北長安館 Khotels Chang-an [Click] [Download] 3,800 NTD +886-2-2516-9999
4 柯達大飯店台北敦南館 Khotels Dunnan [Click] [Download] 3,200 NTD +886-2-2732-3333