Sustainable and Seismic-Safe Society 耐震永續家園

Call for Mini-Symposium

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  1. Earthquake geology and active faults (地震地質與活動斷層)
  2. Active tectonics and observations (活動構造與觀測)
  3. Physics-based earthquake phenomena ground motion predictions (以物理為基礎的地震動預估)
  4. Engineering seismology (工程地震學)
  5. Near fault ground motion (近斷層地震)
  6. Geotechnical earthquake engineering (大地地震工程)
  7. Seismic design, evaluation and retrofit (耐震設計、評估與補強)
  8. Seismic loss and risk assessment (地震損失與風險評估)
  9. Monitoring and early warning (安全監測與預警)
  10. Advanced method for simulation (先進模擬技術)
  11. Photogrammetry and visualization (影像量測與視覺化技術)
  12. Lessons learned from post-disaster response and recovery (災後應變和復原中吸取的經驗教訓)
  13. Policy and implementation for reducing risk (降低地震風險的政策和實施)
  14. Public-private-partnership for risk management (地震風險管理的公私合作夥伴關係)

Special Sessions

  1. Blind analysis contest on a 7-story reinforced concrete building model under near-fault earthquakes
  2. Seismic assessment and retrofitting techniques of the existing RC buildings with soft/weak stories (含軟弱層街屋建築耐震性能與補強工法)


National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (國家地震工程研究中心)
National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction (國家災害防救科技中心)
Taiwan Earthquake Research Center (台灣地震科學中心)


Central Geological Survey (經濟部中央地質調查所)
Central Weather Bureau (中央氣象局)
Chinese Society of Structural Engineering (中華民國結構工程學會)
Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society (中華民國地球物理學會)
Chinese Taiwan Society for Earthquake Engineering (中華民國地震工程學會)
Disaster Management Society of Taiwan (社團法人臺灣災害管理學會)
Geological Society Located in Taipei (中華民國地質學會)
Institute of Earth Science, Academia Sinica (中央研究院地球科學研究所)


Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan