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Sessions: Sep. 16 | Sep. 17 | Sep. 18
Field Trips: 1. Cable-Stayed Bridge | 2. Earthquake Museum | 3. Seismic Upgrading School | 4. Tainan Lab

Thanks to all participants

The ChiChi20 Conference was a great success because of 479 participants from over 30 countries contributed 396 studies by oral presentations in dozens of topics covered the seismology, earthquake engineering, and disaster management. The eleven keynote speeches and sixty-five invited speeches made this conference much more plentiful and valuable.

We thank each participant for attending the conference. Without your participation and contribution, this conference could not have been as rich and successful as it was. We also acknowledge the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), our cohosts and sponsors because, without their generous support, there would have been no conference.

You can download the full-program and visit the digital program (including the abstracts) and Photos of the ChiChi20 conference on the website. Thank you again for all of you and hope to see you at future events in Taiwan.