Main theme:
Challenges of Applying Ground Motion Simulation to Earthquake Engineering

The symposium will focus on several topics as follows:

  1. Ground Motion Simulation
    1D, 2D, 3D waveform synthetics, Hybrid simulation, Stochastic simulation, Empirical Green’s Function etc.
  2. Shallow Velocity Structures and Depth Parameters
    Techniques of shallow underground velocity inversion such as seismic reflection survey, ambient noise tomography, SASW, MASW, ReMi, and other surface wave techniques. Depth parameters include Vs30, Z1.0 and Z2.5 values etc.
  3. Soil Dynamics and Nonlinearity
    Soil behavior of seismic loading, case study of worldwide liquefaction, zonation of liquefaction potential etc.
  4. Applications of Microtremor Survey
    Engineering case studies from microtremor survey, identification of target sites, site response from microtremor transfer function etc.
  5. Downhole Array Observation and Analysis
    Seismic observation from downhole array, site response from layered structure etc.
  6. Near Fault Ground Motions
    Velocity pulse, hanging wall effect, specific waveforms near fault, near fault effect from recent large earthquake such as 2015 Nepal earthquake etc.
  7. Seismic Hazards and Lost Assessments
    Social impact of the earthquake, economic lost aspects, lost estimation etc.
  8. Other Site Effect Studies
Note: All oral speakers will be invited from ESG5 office as keynotes and invited speakers. Posters from individual researchers related to above mentioned topics are all welcome to submit abstract in our website.