Last Update: 2007-0621


For IDEERS 2007, NCREE provides a simulation tool for High School division. This program can be a reference while you are designing your model. You can download this free program right now.

說明文件 Documentation:
» 線上中文版指南 Online Guide
» Quick Start

教學影片 Video:
因為影片檔案較大,建議您先完整下載影片檔之後再觀看,效果較佳。方法如下:在連結上按滑鼠右鍵,選「另存目標」,再按確定鈕。 Due to the large file size, we recommend that download the file to your hard disk before watching it. First, right-click the link. Then click the save button to save the file to your computer.
» 中文版 (213MB)
» English Version (229MB)

軟體下載 Download:
» IDEERS2007 (37MB)





The Software for Simulation

Step 1: Building the Model

Step 2: Running the Analysis

Step 3:Checking Results