時間 2019-10-31
標題 Development of Ground Motion Prediction Equation for Taiwan Crustal Earthquakes
作者 Van-Bang Phung、Chin-Hsiung Loh、趙書賢、Brian Chiou、Bor-Shour Huang
We develop a ground motion prediction equation (GMPE) model for estimating horizontal ground motion amplitudes caused by crustal earthquakes in the active tectonic region of Taiwan. The model was developed based on an integrated dataset that includes mainly the local Taiwan events and partially the global events obtained from the NGA-west2 database. The model function form represents an adjustable model of the attenuation relationships developed by Chiou and Youngs 2014 (CY14) [1]. As such, we have reviewed various aspects of the CY14 model with respect to the Taiwan empirical dataset to find the key modelling parameters needed to adjust (e.g., magnitude and distance scaling, attenuation rate, site effects, Ztor-effects and style of faulting effect). We have introduced an additional term to account for the decay of aftershock events relatively different with to that of main-shock events. In this report, we compare the developed model with the NGA-west2 models, and discuss the regional difference of ground motion in term of the spectral shape, magnitude scaling, distance scaling, depth scaling, style of faulting, linear and nonlinear site effect between Taiwan and California. We provide median and standard deviations of peak ground acceleration and 5-percent damped pseudo spectral acceleration response ordinates of the orientation independent average horizontal component of ground motions (RotD50) for the spectral period of 0 to 10 sec.
關鍵字 Ground Motion Prediction Equation

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