時間 2000-12-01
標題 Development of Real Time Pseudodynamic Technique
作者 蔡克銓張順益王孔君
This paper presents the latest development of real time pseudodynamic testing (RTPSD) technique in the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) at Taipei, Taiwan. Various pilot tests are conducted to verify the performance of the real time control, as well as to improve the control accuracy before the RTPSD tests are carried out. The pilot test results indicate that the real time control can be achieved, however, the control accuracy is heavily influenced by the servo control parameters adopted. Various techniques to improve the control accuracy are investigated. Test results show that with a measure-and-correct algorithm applied on the restoring force and viscous damping force, the accuracy of the actuator control is significantly improved even if a set of relatively poor servo control parameter set is adopted.
Series of RTPSD tests and shaking table tests are performed for an SDOF base isolated system consisting of laminated rubber bearing (RB) and viscous dampers (VD). Very good correlation between the test results confirms that the proposed RTPSD technique offers an effective tool for experimental study on dynamic responses of velocity-dependent structural components or systems under real earthquake excitations. This paper concludes with some possible directions for future research.

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